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This is a one-time processing fee.

This happens for several reasons. Thus we prevent SPAM entries. SPAM can either be caused by persons acting fraudulently or by entries not related to the topic. Both we try to prevent in this way.

Even if the amount is only symbolic, but this way we are a lot closer to the identity of the person and can act better (including taking legal action if necessary).

The visitors of this site - your potential customers - can see that someone is serious and really has something to offer. Surely this is only a small step towards more security, but this is how we take the first step towards a serious platform in this high-quality business sector.


Ask yourself whether the investment (for the equivalent of a small coffee) is worthwhile for you to receive another thematic and potential stream of visitors?


Trying to sort out the black sheep should also be in the interest of any honest business.

After the subscription expires, your company entry will be downgraded to a basic membership. This will be free for you. A new processing fee will not be charged.

The question is legitimate. So here are a few short words about it.
The installation and maintenance of such a platform is costly. Hardware, software and support must be paid for.
Most of the costs, however, are invested in advertising.

And here the community principle comes into play. If many people are involved, not one individual has to bear the same high costs (which he would otherwise have with his shop).

The different membership costs include different services. But in the end, everyone benefits from it, because the chance of being found by potential customers increases disproportionately more than if they want to exist on their own.
And always remember the way the major search engines work. If more information can be found in one place, the value of such a site will increase. So why shouldn't you profit from it too? Become part of the very topic-related business directory in the diamond business.

Trying to sort out the black sheep should also be in the interest of any honest business.


This is absolutely no problem. Write us and we will create the missing category immediately. The more precisely we can differentiate, the better this is for the customers. Therefore we are grateful for every hint.

This site is hosted and maintained in Germany. At the moment this platform will only be available in English.

As a customer it is always important to come across reputable companies. This directory helps you to do so. Thanks
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